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Jungle Sutras is a multi-dimensional platform that aims at sustainable expeditions with hands-on conservation. In 2016 Jungle Sutras was established with the intent to raise awareness about wildlife by covering the latest updates and stories of wild from different parts of the world, providing a platform to the enthusiasts to voice out on their opinions and engage in meaningful discussions on open forums. With the help of social media, we have shared our stories of the wild with the people and have received immense love and appreciation for our work.

Jungle sutras has gained popularity among wildlife enthusiasts and best wildlife photographers parallel to that we have also branched out in the market as wildlife tour operators. We have a unanimous team of protagonists who are well aware of the flora and fauna of the respective region to provide the best experiences to the clients. Our tours range from wildlife photography, nature tours, expeditions for solo travelers and families and honeymoon packages, customized as per the needs and demands. We have a huge network of tour operators on our panel that allows us to prepare itineraries everywhere from North America to Australia covering all 7 continents.


Best Wildlife Photographers in Karnataka

Dr. Shashank Gowda

Best Wildlife Photographers in Karnataka

Rachna K N

Best Wildlife Photographers in Karnataka

Chethan B


Finding the right match for your goals and expectations is the key to a great experience. Given the abundance of choices out there, how do you select the right choice for you? Repeated experience with a location usually increases the likelihood of a successful experience. Jungle Sutras rely on long term relationships. Their longtime relationship with the locals yields a degree of loyalty and trust that benefits everyone and helps to support the local economy. Pick a destination, we will strive to make it match your expectation.